What do you think life transformation looks like?



What do you think life transformation looks like?. 

I grew up in a family with a lot of dysfunctional behaviour. On top of it, big trauma from WWII was part of it. Both my parents were born in the war and runs into a bomb shelter is something they rememebr and still talk about it with tears in their eye. So yeah, not much healing was done in that generation. They also lost their parents or grandparents early in their childhood. Stress later in their life through work in order to nourish a family was their adulthood. There was no money and not even the thought of getting a higher education and studies done, with the age of 15 they had a job. 

So I can say I’m a survivor of psychological, emotional, physical, and other sort of abuse. Through emotionally unavailable parents and constantly walking on eggshells as a highly emotional and hyper-sensitive kid I turned out as a kind of type A personality, controlling, perfectionist, trying to do it right, be the best in order to be loved.

Codependency and poor boundaries was my norm and hence I attracted and created relationships on this base, both personal and professional. There was a moment in my life where I understood “this is enough, I want change”!! It meant big change and transformation for me to get out of old patterns and behaviours. Today I can say: 

  • I’ve managed to transform,
  • I became joyful, curious, creative, more loving and at ease.
  • I know how to set boundaries,
  • I know how to love myself and take care of myself. 

Was it easy to get there?? No! Not at all !!
Was is worth it?? Hell YES!!

Since I was little I knew that what I was going through wasn’t right. I had always the feeling I was born into the wrong family. The difference to others felt huge for me. But in order to survive I had to adjust, hide, deny myself. I tried to fit in. But I remember a few situations where I just stamped my foot on the floor (literally) and fought for my needs. I made sure I get the school education that I knew was needed to get out of the pattern. Maybe this was already the type A behaviour in me, but it was really important for me and so I managed to get it.

Later I continued in the patterns of professionalism, adaptation, adjustment, hiding myself. Until I understood I only hurt myself.

I started the change. Got out of the job that I did not loved, the relationship that was not aligned with me, the unhealthy patterns. Slowly but surely I understood my real needs and wants and what I needed to do to get there. 

It starts with us. It is our responsibility. The law of attraction plays a big role here.

I did healing through different modalities and I even became the healer. It was always my nature. Finally I overcame anxiety, perfectionism, procrastination, lack of confidence. Bye bye to chronic health issues, hello relaxation and joy. Welcome to myself, my true soul and body alignment.

If you are ready to become yourself, book a free call, and let’s see what’s in for you. I have so many tools and healing modalities to share, I have lots of experience and knowledge (thanks to my patterns of “needing to be the best”). In the end we just have to understand the positive lessons that we got, and believe me, there are many.

I am here for you, you deserve to live your best life too.

Healing is necessary on different levels. Food e.g. is a great factor to show us that something is off. Sugar cravings, binge eating, overeating etc can be signs of just looking for satisfaction and love, or it might be pure distraction in order not to feel what would come up otherwise. Only by finding out the root cause of that behaviour, we can change.

Imposter syndrome and lack of confidence is also created in early years. Not feeling good enough or not being worthy leads to patterns and situations where we sell ourselves short in all kind of situations in life, love and professional life.

If you feel ready to change or transform, book a free call with me.

Let me know if you are interested in group coaching programs as they are super effective and of course have a lower cost than private sessions. 

Hope to see you soon, we are the generation that needs to do the healing. And there is nothing wrong in that.  

A last thing here, I invite you to listen to a podcast where I was invited to speak about my changes and how to create your dream life, check it out  here with the amazing host Tanya of The Compassionate Mindfulness with Zenya


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