Change is possible



 Change is possible

For some people it is very difficult to live their best life! I’ve been one of them! For almost 40 years of my life I lived mainly with anger, guilt and shame. I hated my parents, I hated myself for being born into that family and into that village. I could not find joy in living or being with people.
Until one day that I realised: either I change or I die!

I changed! It was not an easy way, it took a lot of courage and financial investment! It took a lot of resilience and reflection!

Forgiveness, self-care and countability was totally new for me and demanded some effort and emotional healing!

A mindset shift, releasing limiting beliefs and creating confidence and self esteem was also quite some work.
But all that was worth going through. Today I can say:

I love my parents!
I am grateful for my parents!
I love myself!
I love my life!
I love the work I am doing, supporting others to shift their life!
I feel healthy and happy!
I am love!


What does it take for you to transform and shift?

Change and transformation is possible!

By the way in my upcoming yoga retreat we focus on switching from work to bliss, we make time for yoga, meditation, hikes, ocean snorkeling and much more. Sometimes a real break can help to come back to ourselves, finding the goals we forgot and connecting with our purpose again so that we can make the right changes.  See you at Jungle Bay Dominica

Just being open to the flow of the Universe, receiving new ideas, new impressions and letting yourself being guided can bring change.

I also invite you to listen to the podcast I was invited to speak, check it out  here

It shows you how to listen to your body message and maybe that can help you to create the right changes that you need to create balance.

I offer breakthroughs calls where we can chat about your options, receiving clarity or support. Just click and book a slot. But be ready for change and transformation !

You can choose to create your health and the best life.

If you would like to read the whole story of my transformation, please find my book on amazon get more insight how I changed my life, my story is in “Yin is the new black –  how to get rid of imbalances in life”  click here


I’m Here

If you need help finding out about changes, goals, commitments, beliefs, procrastination, get in contact for your FREE breakthrough call

What is health and wellness

What is health and wellness

Health and wellness are often used synonymously, but each has a unique definition that has evolved throughout history.
In ancient times, health, or the absence of disease, was closely tied to religion, with the belief that gods, demons, and supernatural powers must be appeased in order to achieve it. Hippocrates, considered the father of modern medicine, is known for breaking from this belief system, instead promoting the idea that health requires balance within the body. His overarching concept of health is the foundation of functional medicine, which requires looking at health from a holistic perspective.

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Meditation is not what you think it is

Meditation is not what you think it is

If we have a wrong understanding of something, we certainly push it away, reject it, run away and also create a feeling of pride inside: I know better, I do something else. This feeling is often connected to some insecurities and maybe you know exactly what I am talking about.
But imagine, instead of having immediately an opinion about something you do not know exactly what it is, you are curious and learn more about it. Release 3 myths and understand. how meditation can help you create results in life

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Family constellation, also known as Systemic Constellation Work or Family Systems Therapy, is a therapeutic approach that explores the dynamics, relationships, and hidden patterns within a family system. It’s based on the idea that family members are interconnected and that past events, unresolved issues, or traumatic experiences within the family can have a profound impact on an individual’s current life.

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