Retreat with me

“I always go home as a stronger person after the retreat, I gain more clarity and I have more ideas and feel always so motivated how to improve my life even more, either trough food, meditation or exercise.” – Kathy

Reconnect .  Heal .  Relax

A few times a year I offer different retreats in amazing places where you can let go of your daily stress, find time to reconnect with yourself, meet your tribe, make new friends and learn something new.

I offer different topics from relaxation, meditation, mindfulness, health, personal development, corporate wellness, nutrition, or detox.
Please contact me if you have a special request or if you want to book me for a group retreat/corporate retreat

The retreat was filled with love and laughter. The combination of activity and relaxation, and Petra’s venue is always chosen with the goal of healthy delicious food so that the week is really a life changing experience. I got many ideas how to implement new things into my life to be more balanced and energised. And since then I am doing yoga regularly and do not want to miss it.


7 day Yoga Retreats

Dominica, West Indies
26. October-2. November 2019

Playful & Soulful

Join Petra Rakebrandt Mind-Body-Soul for a 7 day-retreat in the new Jungle Bay Villa Resort in Dominica.
In this week we focus on being playful and soulful, while reconnecting with the Self and nature. Daily yoga classes, meditation, mindfulness, and fun will bring more clarity in life so that you can relax, increase vitality and energy. The healthy organic food from the island will help you to heal, alkalize your body and mind. You will learn and experience maybe new ways of a healthy way of eating and nurturing yourself to prevent and heal disease. Enjoy alkalizing juices, smoothies, salads, and soups prepared in creative, delicious ways, filled with raw, nutrient-dense foods.

This week is designed to improve your way of living, being playful again, finding new ideas to implement in your daily life to gain better health and happiness.

The package includes;

  • Group pick-up and drop-off from/to the airport/port
  • Full Breakfast, lunch & dinner with all non-alcoholic drinks, such as fresh juices, water, soft drinks.  Sample Menu
  • Three (3) Off-Site Adventure Excursions per person per stay (Middleham Falls, Perdu Temps hike, Snorkeling at Champagne Beach to name a few; and you can feel free to choose the activities you like for your group), Weekly Activities Schedule
  • One (1) 30-minute Spa Treatment per person per stay Sample Spa Menu
  • On-site activities such as herbal presentations, nature hikes, Caribbean cooking class & drumming classes
  • Two yoga classes per day, including props (mats, blocks, blankets & straps)
  • Government VAT (10-15%)


We will include round trip group transportation Jungle Bay/Creole Festival in Roseau which takes place Oct 25-27.

The rates for the above package for October/November 2019 are:

Double occupancy

7 nights, double occupancy in a Villa Suite (400 feet2) $1,325 per person + 350Eur deposit per person

7 nights, double occupancy in Full Villa (800 feet2) $1,650 per person + 350Eur deposit per person

Single occupancy

7 nights, single occupancy in a Villa Suite (400 feet2) $1,950 per person + 350Eur deposit per person

7 nights, single occupancy in Full Villa (800 feet2) $2,425 per person + 350Eur deposit per person

pay deposit here:

Petra is an experienced health professional, intuitive healer, yoga and pilates instructor, author of “Yin is the new black” and she is supporting you on a new journey. The nature of Dominica will also inspire you for more healing and relaxation to get rid of imbalances in life, to help you to de-stress and detox from a too busy life. You’ll also take home lots of ideas, practical tips, tools, and recipes to implement a healthy lifestyle for a new you. This week you also have the opportunity to attend concerts at the famous world creole music festival. (Entrance tickets are not included in the package)

If you are looking for:

finding balance in life
getting more clarity for yourself
gentle exercise /yoga
tools to take home to renew yourself
connection with nature
meeting link minded people

…then please come join us, you can sign up HERE

Attention: Do not wait too long with your reservation, because of the World Creole Music Festival happening Oct 25-27, boat tickets and flights might be sold out! Also room availability is limited. Book now!

When leaving Dominica by boat, a 30$US tax need to be paid (mostly included in flight tickets).

6-day yoga Retreat

Antigua, Caribbean
7-12. March 2019

Playful & Soulful


Join Petra for a 6-day retreat. Let’s be playful and soulful with yoga and discover the Caribbean Vibes.
Yoga twice a day in the Shed, SUP yoga, hikes including Mount Obama Antigua’s highest point, beach time with regular hotel shuttle.
5 nights accommodation, breakfast and dinner in Sugar Club with all soft drinks.

SOOTHE is also taking place on Saturday the 9th to add to your Caribbean adventure with a night of Neo-Soul, Jazz rhythms, spoken word.

5 nights / 6 days

US$ 2381 per person double occupancy
US$ 2049 single occupancy

For further info and reservation please go to Sugar Ridge Hotel website

1 day Awaken Fair

Tarrytown, New York
18. November 2018

Heal & Awaken


Do feel out of balance and out of sync? In her book YIN IS THE NEW BLACK (available on Amazon) Petra shares tips to help you find more positive energy, motivation, and happiness. Divorce, constant sickness, and a stressful corporate job was part of Petra’s personal journey, which helped her to wake up and start living the life she loves. Harness positive energy through a few simple changes and free yourself from negative beliefs and a mindset that doesn’t serve you. Understand where you have mindsets that let you take fear-based decisions, heal it, allow yourself to connect to spirit and live a divinely inspired life. The mind is a powerful thing, and we have to use it responsibly!

If you are looking for:

finding balance in life
getting more clarity for yourself
gentle exercise /yoga
tools to take home to renew yourself
…please read her book and come to join Petra

on the Awaken Fair, either to listen to her speech at 1h15 or schedule a healing session with her for that day here


Antigua March 29-April 4 2018


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Awaken Fair

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