When pain becomes a comfort zone

 How much longer do you want to suffer instead of living your Dharma

Let me ask you a question. For how long have you lived with pain? Do you have the feeling that pain is the one thing that holds you back from everything?

Pain can make it difficult to earn money (especially when you are an entrepreneur). It can also be difficult to enjoy an amazing relationship, right? Pain is much stronger than everything else.

It occupies your brain and it affects every minute and situation of your life.

Where does the pain come from? I am not talking about a broken arm that causes pain. No, I am talking about the pain that has been there for months or years. That became part of your life. That started with a headache, crawled into the back, shoulder, hip, so that you do not even know anymore where it started. You did everything, tried different doctors, and promising medication. But the pain is still there.

 Deep inside of you, you know that only you can find the ‘cure’, that you have the key for change, that you have to go to this pain spot inside, in order to stop and heal. Because the pain is not only in the physical body–sure it has manifested itself there somewhere, but it is also lingering in your spiritual and energetic body. The point of grief, anger, shame, and fear. If you would take an honest look, you know when it started but you do not want to see the reason or the cause, because going there would probably mean more pain. For example, a pain that started thirty years ago that was the time you stopped talking to your father. Sitting with it, looking at it again, facing it,  living it again, seems to be even more painful. Or facing the difficult moment when your partner told you (s)he loves someone else, moments when you have lost your mother, father or kid, the moment when you lost your job and the whole world turned against you.

Only you can heal this pain

What would it feel like to live without this pain again? Probably your body has forgotten that pain-free feeling. Think a moment: does it make you feel guilty not grieving anymore? Are you afraid that it could make someone jealous if you turned your life around and started being happy again? Would you feel guilty about being rich?

Unfortunately, we carry subconscious beliefs that hold us back, but all of them are “figure-out-able” and changeable. But we need to be ready and willing to change. And change means leaving the comfort zone, which can be scary and painful at a first sight. But let me tell you something: after that pain, there is joy, happiness, passion, and love.  It brings you into the flow of your life, it lets you live your purpose, your Dharma. And that is life. That is a life worth living for.

Try this

Please take a moment and put your hands over your heart.

You might feel warm sensations in this area as soon as you connect with your heart. Take a few deep breaths in and out. Bring your attention to your breath, notice that your awareness causes the breath to deepen without effort and you become quiet.

Take a moment and ask your heart, your inner awareness for guidance for these questions:

Am I ready to let go of the pain?

What would I like to do with my life when the pain is gone?

What I really want to create is ______________________.

The feeling I want to create around my life is _______________

Just sit and let your answers come up.

Do not judge. Do not attach. Please contact me, whenever you are ready to start the work. I am here for you. Do your inner work, it means finding peace and purpose in life.

If you feel ready, please contact me for a 20 min free session, let’s see where we can go from there, or sign up for my amazing discovery month

I want to work with you who are not looking for a magic bullet or one-hit wonder, but a soul who is committed to their evolving spiritual and personal journey. True and lasting transformation is a process and not a one-hour appointment. 

Photo by Hanna Postova on Unsplash

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