Thriving in Menopause



Thriving in Menopause

Women in leadership positions may face unique challenges, and the experience of menopause can add an additional layer of complexity. As a holistic health and life coach, I can see daily with my female clients what changes women are facing and how challenging it can be to “stay cool” when a hot flush is coming through. Years ago in my pilates and yoga classes I realised the patterns, women around 47 start having immense shoulder or hip pain, then sleepless nights add to that, followed by intense mood swings, libodo issues, depression and anxiety.

Imagine all that while managing a team or company and wanting to show up successfully and thriving!

That is a lot while trying to stay in balance. Recently I had a dinner with my friends all in the middle of this transition and we were laughing about the situations staying in the supermarket and not being able to pay as the four digits of the credit card just vanished from the brain. Or you find yourself in the kitchen not knowing why you went there. This might sound like funny stories, but it is not funny at all, especially if your brain is used to do magic in your company and people rely on it.

Some difficulties that women in leadership positions may encounter during menopause include:

  1. Physical Symptoms: Menopause brings physical symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, and sleep disturbances. These symptoms can be disruptive and affect a woman’s ability to concentrate, maintain energy levels, and manage stress. They can also impact confidence and well-being, potentially affecting performance in leadership roles.
  2. Emotional Changes: Menopause can lead to mood swings, irritability, anxiety, and even depression. These emotional changes can influence how women in leadership positions regulate their emotions, handle conflict, and make decisions. It’s essential to recognize and address these emotional challenges to maintain effective leadership skills.
  3. Cognitive Changes: Some women may experience cognitive changes during menopause, such as memory lapses, difficulty concentrating, or brain fog. These changes can directly impact the cognitive demands of leadership roles, including problem-solving, decision-making, and multitasking. Employing strategies like prioritizing tasks, using memory aids, and seeking support can help manage these challenges.
  4. Stereotypes and Bias: Women in leadership positions already face gender biases and stereotypes. Menopause, which is unique to women, can reinforce stereotypes surrounding women’s emotional stability, competence, and longevity in their careers. This can create additional barriers and challenges for women in leadership roles, making it crucial to challenge these biases and advocate for inclusivity.
  5. Lack of Support and Understanding: Menopause is often seen as a taboo or stigmatized topic, leading to a lack of support and understanding in the workplace. Women may feel hesitant to discuss their experiences, leading to a lack of necessary accommodations or empathy. Encouraging open dialogue, fostering a supportive work culture, and providing resources on menopause can help alleviate these difficulties.

    It is important for organizations and leaders to recognize and address these challenges.

    By providing education, support, and flexibility, workplaces can create an environment that allows women in leadership positions to navigate menopause and continue thriving in their roles. Additionally, fostering a culture of understanding and inclusivity can help break down barriers and promote gender equality in leadership. Meditation and stress reduction are tools that are more important than ever.

    I have created a little booklet with natural remedies that you can find here hoping it might help you to find more balance and creating health. If you are interested in a free consult, please feel free and book a time with me here. I guess we are the generation who brings more light into this chapter of life and ends the behaviour of tabu.

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Just being open to the flow of the Universe, receiving new ideas, new impressions and letting yourself being guided can bring change.

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If you know that you are the one that is allowed to forgive, who is able to forgive, who is able to transform her history through a new idea, and you will say, „I can be free“ you will lift your consciousness above the wall that has created a separation between you and the thing you want to have in life.

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Thoughts and habits

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I love my work

I love my work!
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