Thoughts and Habits

Thoughts and Habits


Can you feel that the year is coming to an end?

Do you have thoughts like: “I have not made the money that I wanted”, “how can I make most out of the last two months”, already hustling with “what are my plans for next year”? Or are there positive thoughts like “Wow I already accomplished now what I had planned for this year”, “wow my health has really increased this year”, or “I am glad I took this decision and finally changed”

We are the creators of our life, right?

We create through our thoughts, that become beliefs, on which we create habits and with these habits we create our life.

If we have negative thoughts, well, we create negative beliefs, habits and a negative life. We choose.

If we have mainly negative thoughts, it might be that we carry negative programming, meaning we were raised with this energy or maybe even born with it. But we can always choose to change, the moment we have the awareness we are empowered to take the right action.

Please check right now your thoughts and beliefs around a few topics in life that immensely influence the way of living:

  • Exercise – is working out for you a hustle, a must do, or something you love? 

  • Nourish your body – can you see your eating habits as something nourishing or something that is out of control (having cravings, not knowing what, how and when to eat etc). Do you give your body the nutrients it needs, especially protein, to support your immune system, your cognitive function, your body composition goals and your overall energy?

  • Sleeping habits -do you treat bedtime like a precious gem or are you distracted before going to bed, waking up often, lacking sleep etc? Sleep is important and a major health factor, you set yourself up for that restoration your body needs to optimize your hormones, support muscle growth and repair, and cravings the next day.


  • Going for a walk – can you see this as a treat a pause, a time of  connecting with nature and yourself or does it feel more like a chore? Walking is a great stress reducer, mood booster, and one of the best tools you have for sustainable fat loss. Not only does walking for as little as 5-10 minutes after a meal help regulate your blood sugar, but the more residual, low impact movement we get daily, the more fat we steadily burn over time. And the stress reduction is another benefit as well.

  • Self-talk – can you tell yourself how awesome, ‘flawsome’ and amazing you are – or do you beat yourself up more often? If you’re not hearing words of appreciation from those around you, say them to yourself and remember, you cheer others up too, why not cheering up yourself! You are loved, you are appreciated, you are doing so much, and you are an amazing person.

Don’t let anything stop you from taking care of yourself today, this week and for the rest of this year! And the next year, and your whole life. You can empower yourself through your thoughts.

If you feel you need some support in switching from a negative thinking to establishing positive thoughts and habits, contacte me. I also have an easy online course, releasing negative thoughts and emotions through meditation and journaling. If you never meditated , do not worry, you are guided, just listen and let go to create your multidimensional health by clicking here

I offer breakthroughs calls where we can chat about your options, receiving clarity or support. Just click and book a slot. But be ready for change and transformation !

You can choose to create your health and the best life.

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I love my work

I love my work!
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