Life change and transformation is possible

 Life transformation was always a topic for me, But I never knew that a cat will help me on so many levels. 

This cat, always on my side. She taught me unconditional love, sitting and savoring the moment, getting out of bed and laying flat on the terrace in the sun, taking naps and taking care of her.
All my life I was too afraid of cats so that would have never come to my mind to live with one. But one day, she appeared at the front of my door and she just moved in. She showed me I can change my idea about cats, overcome the fear and even being responsible for a being.
She totally showed me that change and transformation is possible on all levels.

She totally showed me that change and transformation is possible on all levels.

Fifteen years ago I started my long path of change and transformation,

  • from being an engineer and managing director starting all over again as yoga teacher and creating a meditation and healing business.
  • from being married getting divorced and living like I should have lived in my twenties.
  • from a life in rainy cold Germany to a sun filled life with beaches and crystal clear water in the Caribbean.
  • And now even living with a cat.

    For me life is a constant transformation and I am ready for so much more.

What would you like to change in your life right now?
Are you living a life aligned with your heart’s desire?
Where do you need help?

I offer breakthroughs calls where we can chat about your options, receiving clarity or support. Just click and book a slot. But be ready for change and transformation !


You can choose to create your health and the best life.


If you would like to read the whole story of my transformation, please find my book on amazon get more insight how I changed my life, my story is in “Yin is the new black –  how to get rid of imbalances in life”  click here



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