Leadership Meditation Coaching

Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to health and career choices? 

Would you like to have clarity about how to improve your leadership skills, feel grounded and in alignment with your position, reduce stress and anxiety and have a better body, mind & soul connection? Are you craving workdays that are filled with joy and happiness while you feel respected? What if just a few mindset changes could bring clarity, you learn how to tap into your intuition and know exactly what’s right or wrong for you, your team and the highest & best outcome?

Being a leader demands a lot. We need to function at our workplace, even if we feel down or go through private stuff. Having problems in our private life at the same time and high responsibility at work, can increase the stress level and tear our health down. Hence, efficiency at work will be diminished, followed by inter and intra-personal problems. Especially as women, we take a lot on, and subconsciously we have the feeling we are responsible for everything. If we do not take care, we feel guilt, followed by anxiety, anger and shame.

Especially women go through the whole emotional program.


There are 5 major signs of burnout that we usually do not take seriously because we think we can deal with it.

1) No amount of sleep is enough. You are always tired.

2) Loss of productivity at work.

3) The brain seems to be blank, also called brain fog.

4) Feeling of unhappiness.

5) A decline in health, frequently ill.

These are signs we are starting to live with and telling ourselves: “in a few days it will get better”, or “after the next project I will find the time for self-care” (but of course the next project is lined up).

The list of excuses we make goes on. We find excuses because we have no idea how to change or what to change. But I have the tools for you.

Grounding is so important these days. With meditation you can sit, connect with your breath, the breath already grounds you in your body, and if you guide your  breath through your heart space you can ground yourself in the heart.

Setting the intention for inner positive feelings also increases the heart brain connection and creating cardiac coherence. Research shows that the state of cardiac coherence 

  • improves your immune function,
  • decreases stress hormones,
  • improves heart health, and promotes overall wellness.

Another tool of being connected is setting a grounding cord from your coccyx into the core of the earth which gives you the feeling of stability and safety.

What’s very important for me these days is also tapping into the feeling kindness. Keeping kind and calm is a much higher vibration and healthier energy than feeling fear and anger which again would pull our immune system further down. And we know that in these times a strong immune system is gold.

So please listen to my little advice that I have for you today:

  1. If you are under stress,  clear your energy field. Clear your hooks and cords and get clear in your thoughts.
  2. Take a few minutes a day and breathe into your heart space, connect with your heart, set a grounding cord and connect with the earth.
  3. Recharge your energy field with positive purpose.
  4. Let go of old patterns, beliefs, attachments, all this energy can wear you down.

I have this amazing 1:1 coaching in a meditative state. We can look deep into where the emotions of guilt, fear and shame were created. We release these so that you are totally aligned with your body and soul, your soul’s purpose, you understand what responsibilities are yours and what not, you learn how to say “no” and set boundaries.

You become that leader that shows up confidentially and sovereign, that feels respected and creates a harmonious environment at home and at work. Your efficiency will increase, you create more health and wealth for yourself and your loved ones. Your love life will be flourishing as well as all the stress and anxiety will be lifted. You will be equipped with the tools to navigate your life in an authentic, open, and skillful way.

Does that sound like something you would like to have?

You can choose to create your health and the best life.

I invite you also to check out my  Leadership Meditation Coaching offer  and see if you would like to hop on a call with me

If you would like to get more insight how I changed my life, feel free to grab my book “Yin is the new black –  how to get rid of imbalances in life” on amazon  here

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