Are you ready to start the journey of breaking cycles?


  Are you ready to start the journey of breaking cycles?

Psychology and behaviour therapy was always my interest, I grew up in a family where I felt as the black sheep and constantly observed what was going on. I was misunderstood, felt like an outsider born into the wrong family and always walking on eggshells and waiting for the other shoe to drop.

No wonder that I ended up creating a profession for myself that involves healing, change and transformation. All the modalities that I have learned, like ThetaHealing, Family Constellation, energy healing modalities and different coaching methods helped me to create my life that I finally love and that I passionately use in my profession.

The need of understanding and making life easier was a major goal for me, because, how would anything make sense otherwise?

Learning about intergenerational trauma was mind blowing and explaining many patterns and behaviours that I have seen in my childhood.

Let’s have a look at an example of generational trauma according to the holistique psychologist that reveals itself in some family patterns. 


Generational trauma reveals itself in the habits, patterns and core beliefs that are passed down to each generation..

Let’s say the grandfather was born into poverty, domestic violence and emotional neglect, and the grandmother into alcoholism, emotional abuse and neglect.

The grandfather has anxiety, extreme low self worth, spirals into rage episodes, believes children are to be seen not heard. The grandmother is depressed, highly dissociated, looks to children to meet needs, codependent, lives within denial.

At 22 these two marry and by 25 they have children. Neither has addressed or processed the abuse they’ve experienced in childhood.

Together they have 3 children. Both of them have: low stress tolerance and limiting coping mechanisms and C-PTSD symptoms (depression and anxiety) from their childhood.

  • The children grow up in a home where they witness dysfunctional marriage.
  • Secrecy and denial are their “normal”
  • Their father has extramarital affairs
  • Their mother looks to her oldest son as a pseudo partner
  • They’ve learned to walk on eggshells around their father’s rage, and to meet the needs of their dissosciated mother before their own.
Oldest Son  Middle Daugther Youngest son

-was a parent to his mother

-quick to explosive anger

-suppresses all emotions

-has abandonment wounds from his father

-binge drinks

-low self worth

-attachment issues


-was the easy child

-struggles with insomnia

-dates much older men who cannot meet her needs

-issue with binge eating

-fawns and people pleasing

-struggles to ask for help



-feels abandoned and unworthy

-uses women for sense of worth

-has doubts of depression for days or weeks and hides it

-wants to do something creative, but fears father won’t approve

-gaslights partners like his father did to his mother


 Thankfully cycles can be broken, Cycle breakers are those who choose to do the work and are open to learning a new way to navigate life. They create change for every future generation

If you feel ready to have a look into your patterns and habits, I do offer breakthrough calls. Click here to book easily a time with me. 
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