The post Eatser blues… are you still feeling sluggish, depressed, worried or even angry

 Is food the real problem here?…

So just in case you feel sluggish and you are kind of disappointed in yourself, maybe a bit angry, that again you have overeaten, even that you had the new years resolution to eat more healthy, work out more, practice more self-love, and here you find yourself with a full belly, grey skin and a foggy brain, as there was so much food around Eastern! And the disappointment on yourself is absolutely not helping to make the situation better.

Here is a thought

We don’t always eat simply to satisfy hunger. We turn to food for stress relief, comfort, and reward. Emotional eating doesn’t fulfill emotional needs- it simply fills our bodies with foods we don’t need, derailing our best efforts for a healthy body and mind.

So what is the real problem?

Pain? Disappointment? Sadness? Dissatisfaction with life? Loss? Boredom?

But where does it come from?  Maybe you are even in a position where you can say: I have a great job, I have a quite “o.k” relationship, I have a normal salary, BUT I am unhappy. 

Or perhaps you just don’t really know what healthy food is;

Or perhaps you just don’t really know what healthy food is. 

If that is so, you are farther ahead than other people who cannot admit they are unhappy even though they are or have a clue they are even eating unhealthy. 

Many overeat to avoid looking deeper and discovering the real issues beyond eating poorly. Most people stay where they are, complain about everything, find themselves over and over in a victim situation and compensate with food.

If you can identify with any of this, I want you to know it does not have to continue.  You have the power to stop this and find out what is the root of filling your body with things it doesn’t need.

There is a way to change this! Finding out what is the “pain”? 

It is necessary to learn how to recognize your personal habits and triggers and how your mood affects food choices, studies have shown that there is an immense connection between food and mood. When I studied with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition it was mind-blowing to understand this connection with food and emotions. We are all affected, we all have feelings and emotions and most people just do not realize the connection. Most of us still believe or wish for a Diet (let me change my food intake for two weeks, or better just three days, and lose the excess weight), or some are believing and wishing for a magic pill or other miracles. But sorry, no one diet works for all or at all! Well, it works maybe for the time being, but can you be on a diet for the rest of your life? No. And frankly who wants to count calories or be on the roller coaster of diet and starvation?

The only way is to figure yourself out

Your body is talking to you, the question is are you listening? Getting to know you is really the only way to make change for good and food is always a great way to start.  Food shows you what is going on in your body and soul. If you really listen, you can find out who you are, who you want to be, or who or what holds you back to be who you want to be. What is triggering you that you fall off the wagon and that you just need to hide in front of the TV with a bag of chips? What is holding you back to speak up? Questions over questions, but only you can find out the answers and make lifelong changes.

Food is always a great way to start, as the food shows you what is going on in your body and soul. If you start to eat healthily, your body starts to detox, your body, mind, and soul will start talking to you, will give you signs, will bring up anger, frustration, pain, and there is your chance to listen! Instead of pushing and swallowing it down this time, listen, and feel what your body wants to tell you. When, why and what are you craving, sweets or salt? What is it in this moment what you really crave? If it is not food, is it excitement, entertainment, love or comfort?  Your body loves you unconditionally and wants you to listen, are you ready to listen to your body and love it unconditionally as well? Be ready for a big change, a long-term change to your happiest version. I promise it is worth doing it.

Need help? I have a 7-day challenge FIND Clean, just click, it’s your start to a new you.

This challenge is a great way to start feeling better in a matter of days.  I have developed this food plan to complement the work I love doing, helping more and more people discover who they really are meant to be and feel their best at the same time.  

Feel free to contact me for more info or go directly here to FIND Clean

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