Creating balance over 40?

  How can You, the woman over 40, create balance?


Especially for women it becomes more difficult to find balance in life, too many changes occur already in one month, and through different “moods”, which actually are changes in the hormone system, it can be a real struggle.

During the menstrual cycle, women feel a change every week. It is like going through four seasons in one month.

Dietary considerations for all phases are important but not often enough women are thoroughly educated on what and how nutrition can influence keeping balance:

  • Focus on blood sugar balance.
  • Focus on nutrient-dense foods.
  • Eat in calm environments.
  • Chew properly. 

These are just a few tips that could help. (By the way, this would also help men keeping more balance.)

Problems with the menstrual cycle can be an indicator of different imbalances, and stress is one major factor that creates a big mess in the hormone system.

Most imbalances and abnormalities are due to estrogen dominance, which can impact every part of the menstrual cycle. Estrogen dominance can result from:

  • Diet high in conventional meat and dairy
  • Excess weight
  • Exposure to endocrine disruptors (e.g., BPA and phthalates)
  • Leaky gut syndrome or gut dysbiosis
  • Long-term stress 

How can I help?

As an Integrative Nutrition Health and Meditation Coach, I support clients with:

  • Lifestyle and diet
  • Tracking menstrual cycles
  • Reducing/Managing Stress 

Food is a secondary food, but of course important. If we are out of balance in our daily life, in our workplace, in our family relations, not having an exercise routine, missing regular sleep cycles, problems in our love and sex life, we try to compensate the imbalances with food, eating more comfort food, or forgetting to eat, grabbing to fast food as we are not in the mood to cook or shop.

A healthy clean protein powder to have a smoothie a day, can be a good way of supporting health and avoiding the sugar craving. Most people have a lack in protein intake. My way to get the right amount of proteins is a shake. The other advantage with a shake is adding other supplements that can support health like:

  • maca powder (support hormone level and sex drive)
  • flax seeds (can reduce hot flashes, adding in a good source of dietary fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, including alpha-linolenic acid)
  • extra fruit or vegetables (vitamins, minerals and fibre)

I chose this product BodyMelt as it is plant based, all-natural and healthy, build lean muscle mass, which is super important and may help to suppress appetite. On top of it it tastes great.

Feel free to order your protein dose on my link above to create balance or let me know how else I could support you in creating to a healthier lifestyle, overcoming cravings, creating stress management tools for you.

Meditation Coaching

All things considered, meditation coaching is something super effective that I offer too and which reduces stress, brings you more clarity and confidence and hence establishes balance in life too. And it is amazing when you are about to create your own business and have no idea where to start, when you are too fearful or anxious and in a mindset that holds you back. We can set up a call, just shout out to me.

By the way in my upcoming yoga Christmas retreat we make time for yoga, meditation, hikes, ocean snorkeling and much more. Sometimes a real break can help to come back to ourselves, finding the goals we forgot and connecting with our purpose again.  Check it out here. See you in Jungle Bay Villas and Hotel Dominica.

I also invite you to listen to the podcast I was invited to speak, check it out  here

It shows you how to listen to your body message and maybe that can help you to create the right changes that you need to create balance.

Furthermore I offer breakthroughs calls where we can chat about your options, receiving clarity or support. Just click and book a slot. But be ready for change and transformation !

You can choose to create your health and the best life.

Lastely, if you would like to read the whole story of my transformation, please find my book on amazon get more insight how I changed my life, my story is in “Yin is the new black –  how to get rid of imbalances in life”  click here

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