Health Quiz

Do you have a healthy mind in a healthy body?

Today I have a little quiz about multidimensional health for you.

When I look back I realize that all my life I was interested in health and creating happiness, and you can imagine why? Because I was often sick and unhappy and at one moment in my life I asked myself:
“Wait, what is the sense in this? This sucks!” Was I really sick? Was my lifestyle making me sick? Were my relationships making me sick?”

When I was so fed up with suffering and chronic pain, I decided to change my way of living. I had learned fast that by looking only at one part of our human being, or by just taking a pill for the pain I felt, not much had changed.

I started to walk the path of healing and finding my purpose, which obviously had to do with personal development and transformation.I In yoga philosophy it’s called dharma, finding life purpose. Ancient yoga texts describe dharma as an inner wisdom, or a cosmic guidance that governs not only you and me as individuals, but the entire Universe itself. And I understood, the more we are aligned with our dharma, the more health we create and feel.

How do you feel in life? Do you live out your purpose? How do you feel, especially health wise?

When you feel sick, tired, sluggish, do you always have an idea why you are in that state? If you are someone with recurring pain, patterns of feeling down, did you get used to it and now you think “that is normal”?


With different modalities of healing that I studied, I understood that our body can get into a rut, into a pattern of pain and starts even accepting that pain, and is totally forgetting how it feels to be healthy. In theta healing e.g. it is a common download (that’s what a healing is called in quantum healing), like programming the body how it feels to be healthy. But ok, that is a whole other story, feel free to contact me if you would like to hear more about that.


I would like to ask you to do a little health quiz yourself, some questions just to understand the different types of health and the different level of your own health. Here we go:


You can rate each answer according to this system

Rate the statements in each area on a scale of 1–5:
1 = Strongly disagree
2 = Disagree
3 = Neutral
4 = Agree
5 = Strongly agree
The highest score you could get is 200, but do not worry, it’s more important to be honest, a good due diligence in order to create the best change. No need to judge any answer or any situation in your life. This is an inventory to get clarity.

To get the best answers, I recommend to do THIS MEDITATION first and then answer the questions, you will have a better connection and understanding of your body, mind and soul.


I listen to my body and take care of it when I feel pain

I aim to eat mostly whole foods and limit processed foods.

I check my physical health markers regularly (e.g., blood pressure and cholesterol)

I hydrate my body adequately throughout the day.

I take actions to strengthen my immune system.

I take breaks throughout the day to reset and re-center myself.

I move my body on a regular basis.

I honor my body’s natural sleep rhythms.

I’m aware of social factors that affect my health and make choices that support me.

I adapt my nutrition, rest, and sleep habits based on my current needs and priorities




Please feel free to download the whole QUIZ here and find out more about your emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Maybe you can see an area where you neglect yourself a bit more than in another area? Again, no judgment here, it’s creating awareness because then we have the power to create change.

If you are interested in more of how to get clarity and how to change the lifestyle, I have a four-week course that you can go through on your own terms and come out with shifts in your health and happiness level in just one month. As I said, I think it is important that we empower ourselves to create our best life

Being empowered instead of feeling like a victim is key to health and happiness. It creates freedom.

It creates freedom. Let me give you a hint how to get there:

by increasing your self-love and self-esteem.

If you would like to get more insight how I changed my life, feel free to grab my book on amazon  here

You can also take my 4-week-self-paced online course to create your multidimensional health right now. It’s a great time to do something that increases not just your immune system, but your overall health, wealth and happiness. Do not hesitate, click here

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