Are you committed or just interested?

Are you committed to changing your life and making healthier choices for a happier healthier body?

Or are you just interested in implementing changes?

As a yoga teacher, you cannot imagine how often people tell me they want to come to classes and do yoga. I know some people who have been telling me this for years. No, I do not blame them, when people are ready, they are ready, and then they commit 🙂 but at this point they are interested. No further action taken. And as a coach and healer, I also often get requests for a session. Because people feel the need for change. But, and yes, there seems to be a ‘but’ for changes in life, interest is not enough, you have to commit yourself to reach the goal. And unfortunately, we are more likely to commit ourselves to something, when we are already suffering in a situation. Like if we are so unhealthy and have high blood pressure, it is easier to commit to losing weight and exercising than doing it before the diagnosis.

I know this fine difference between interest and commitment well enough myself in many areas of my life, food, exercise, you name it. I remember that I wanted to learn Spanish, but if the sun was shining at the time of my class, I preferred to go to the lake. Well the rare sunshine in Hamburg is on the one hand really an excuse, but that’s the point, how easily do you find an excuse?

When it was about my English language skills, I was so committed and sure that I wanted to learn this language and that it was important for me, that I committed for a work in Los Angeles for a six months project on a construction site to improve my skills, learning by doing, and I even left my then boyfriend behind. (Obviously I was more committed to my goal and myself than to him -and it did not hinder us to get married later). Besides, I met some really cool Californians while I was there, who remain my best friends in the whole world! By mentioning this I just want to tell you that mostly there are even more benefits if you commit to something then you have expected in first place.

So what is one of your goals you would like to reach?

Are you committed or just interested? What would it take for you to reach that goal? What is the “why,” the reason for your goal? Are you interested in losing weight (I guess most all people are) but committing to it is a whole other story. Do you get the difference between these two little words, interest and commitment?

Action needs to be taken for a commitment. So let me give you some advice how to find out how or if you are committed, just have a thought for a goal you have in mind:
• Do you know the real reason for your goal, the WHY?

• Are you willing to take action?

• Are willing to go through pain?

• Are you willing to spend money?

• Are you willing to “sacrifice” time for this?

• Is the opinion of others more important than yours about this goal, meaning are you aligned or not aligned with that goal?

• Do you want to reach that goal for you or for somebody else?

• What is the outcome if you do not reach that goal?

• What is the cost if you do not reach the goal?

• Would you find easy excuses?

To commit to something is a bit like committing to somebody. The relationship certainly works better when both sides in a relationship are committed at the same level. If one is only interested, and the other committed, somebody will suffer. If you just look at your goals, at one point you will suffer if you try to make changes by just being interested. Then just let go of this goal and free yourself from this weight. And commit to a real goal.

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