Retreat with me

“I always go home as a stronger person after the retreat, I gain more clarity and I have more ideas and feel always so motivated how to improve my life even more, either trough food, meditation or exercise.” – Kathy

Reconnect .  Heal .  Relax

A few times a year I offer different retreats in amazing places where you can let go of your daily stress, find time to reconnect with yourself, meet your tribe, make new friends and learn something new.

I offer different topics from relaxation, meditation, mindfulness, health, personal development, corporate wellness, nutrition, or detox.
Please contact me if you have a special request or if you want to book me for a group retreat/corporate retreat

The retreat was filled with love and laughter. The combination of activity and relaxation, and Petra’s venue is always chosen with the goal of healthy delicious food so that the week is really a life changing experience. I got many ideas how to implement new things into my life to be more balanced and energised. And since then I am doing yoga regularly and do not want to miss it.



Antigua March 29-April 4


Life changes…what are you waiting for?

Twelve years ago I moved to the Caribbean. That was not my initial plan when I came here for the first time. I just came for 3 weeks of French classes after separating from my husband. I needed a break and it was impossible for me to stay in Germany for Christmas....

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      Procrastination...   or the disguised fear Do you procrastinate? I remember well a session with my life coach when I ashamedly told her that I felt lazy, that I was only in the mood to watch programs on Netflix instead of working on my projects, creating...

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Awaken Fair

From fear-based to divinely inspired Do you feel out of balance and out of sync? In my book, YIN IS THE NEW BLACK (available on Amazon) I share tips to help you find more positive energy, motivation, and happiness. Divorce, constant sickness, and a stressful corporate...

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The lack of meaning in life

The lack of meaning in life Where does this emptiness come from and how do we handle it? I guess we all know this feeling of emptiness that sometimes feels like a lack of meaning or lack of purpose in life, right? We all have been there in our lives. Some get out...

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Healing through art

Healing through art How living your dream and being creative can release pain from the pastThis summer I lived my dream! I went to Florence Italy to attend art classes for four weeks. It was my intention to move to Florence when I was eighteen to study art, but...

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Be aware of the inner voice

Be aware when the inner voice is talking    How to overcome the inner critic While traveling to different countries or cities, I always like to go to local yoga classes. For me, as a teacher, it is a nice treat, especially when I get hands-on what I cannot get when I...

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Yin Yoga for Body and Mind

Yin Yoga for Body and Mind   Yin Yoga for Body and Mind........A way to go through life with ease and grace I was always a very active person. It was a need for me to be active and move my body. In my childhood, I was either on my bike or roller blades. Always on the...

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A healthy mind in a healthy body

 How to have a healthy mind in a healthy body Mens sana incorpore sano........How to have a healthy mind in a healthy body Mens sana in corpore sano is a Latin phrase from the Roman poet Juvenal who lived around the end of the first and the beginning of second century...

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Is food the real problem

 The post Eatser blues... are you still feeling sluggish, depressed, worried or even angry  Is food the real problem here?... So just in case you feel sluggish and you are kind of disappointed in yourself, maybe a bit angry, that again you have overeaten, even that...

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How we can use setbacks as an opportunity for growth

How we can use setbacks as an opportunity for growthPeople who know me, know that I went through a very very bad week...My little cat Shanti, that came into my life only five months ago, died suddenly. She had chosen to be with me when it happened, when she passed...

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