Explore my range of holistic programs help you to create achieve the healthy body, mindset and life you have always dreamed of.


Healing Programs

A mixture of healing and coaching to achieve the life, balance and happiness you desire

Find Clean

7 day challenge to to get your health back and detoxify easily, special 35Eur

Personalised Yoga & Meditation

Work with me 1-1, remotely or in person, to develop your tailored yoga and meditation practice

Discover yourself Programs

In 3 sessions you figure out what you really want. A fantastic mixture of healing and coaching to recover YOU and what’s next, special now 595 Eur

Say Yes to Healthy

7 day meal plan + 3 coaching session, special 289 Eur

Personalized Stressreduction & Meditation

Work with me 1-1, remotely or in person, to develop your tailored stress reduction and meditation practice, 4 sessions, 676 Eur


7 day Yoga Retreats

Dominica, West Indies
October 2019

Daily yoga classes, meditation, and mindfulness, as well as some writing exercises, will help you to get more clarity in life so that you can relax, and increase vitality and energy.

Free Resources

Awaken Fair


Listen to the meditation I gave at the Awaken Fair which helps you to visualize the life you desire

Free Yin Yoga session

See what it feels like practicing
yin yoga

Yin is the New Black

Get chapter 4 of my book for free and learn about yoga and life changes

Time Management

9 tips to master and manage your time



A powerful meditation to help you end procrastination and supercharge your productivity

Junk Food Cleanse

How to cleanse from junk food

Gain Clarity

Gain more clarity in only 5 days and discover and LIVE the life you want

Yin is the New Black

Get chapter 2 of my book for free and learn about changes for a balanced life

Yin Yoga session

See for yourself what it feels like, practicing 40 min yin yoga

“Petra is incredibly gifted and brings a calm, focused and insightful approach to her healing. I like that Petra was an engineer in her previous career because she brings a certain amount of practicality and precision to her work using multiple gifts in her toolbox: Theta, Reiki, Yoga and of course her amazing INTUITION. After each treatment I feel so much more energised, connected to myself and able to create changes in my life.”



It’s not about pain, it’s about empowerment

 It's not about blame, it's about empowerment  How you can change to live the life you want What do you think you need to transform in order to improve your business or health or connection to your Self? What if it is YOU, you have to work on, first? What if you are...

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When pain becomes a comfort zone

 When pain becomes a comfort zone How much longer do you want to suffer instead of living your Dharma Let me ask you a question. For how long have you lived with pain? Do you have the feeling that pain is the one thing that holds you back from everything? Pain can...

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Healing can take time, but it is worth doing

 Healing can take time...but it is worth doing  How I made peace with Mom after 50 years Nobody could imagine how much I hated my childhood. I hated everything, the house we lived in, the village, the people.  Of course, I also hated me and my body. And nobody...

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