Retreat with me

“I always go home as a stronger person after the retreat, I gain more clarity and I have more ideas and feel always so motivated how to improve my life even more, either trough food, meditation or exercise.” – Kathy

Reconnect .  Heal .  Relax

A few times a year I offer different retreats in amazing places where you can let go of your daily stress, find time to reconnect with yourself, meet your tribe, make new friends and learn something new.
Scroll down to see my offers for February, October, December 2023 in Jungle Bay Dominica and Puglia, Italy for March 2024.

I offer different topics from relaxation, meditation, mindfulness, health, personal development, corporate wellness, nutrition, or detox.
Please contact me if you have a special request or if you want to book me for a group retreat/corporate retreat.

The retreat was filled with love and laughter. The combination of activity and relaxation, and Petra’s venue is always chosen with the goal of healthy delicious food so that the week is really a life changing experience. I got many ideas how to implement new things into my life to be more balanced and energised. And since then I am doing yoga regularly and do not want to miss it.


6 day Yoga Detox Retreat

Dominica, West Indies
21-26 October 2023

Detox & Wellness for a strong year ahead

7 day Christmas Yoga Retreat

Dominica, West Indies
23-30 December, 2023

Adventure & Wellness for a strong year ahead

Join Petra Rakebrandt Mind-Body-Soul for a 7 day-retreat in the new Jungle Bay Villa Resort in Dominica.

Jungle bay offers sustainable designed harmony with nature and a welcoming ambiance with an authentic sense.
This invites us all to come back to our own authentic place, we can focus on being playful and soulful, while reconnecting with the Self and nature. The serene and supportive environment supports us to align our actions with our wellbeing intentions.

Daily yoga classes, meditation, mindfulness, combined with fun and adventure will bring more clarity into life so that you can relax, increase vitality and energy. 

An ideal week to finish a year, release the tension and set up our body and mind for another beautiful year ahead.

The healthy organic food from the island will help you to alkalize and heal. You will learn and experience maybe new ways of enhanced eating and nurturing yourself to prevent and heal diseases. Enjoy delicious juices, smoothies, salads, and soups prepared in creative, wonderful ways, filled with raw, nutrient-dense foods mainly from Jungle Bay’s own garden. That’s why it is called the “eatable resort”.

This retreat week is designed to improve your way of living, being playful again, finding new ideas to implement in your daily life to gain better health and happiness.

We have planned a beautiful package for you:

  • Group pick-up and drop-off from/to the airport/port
  • Full Breakfast, lunch & dinner with all non-alcoholic drinks, such as fresh juices and water.  
  • Three Off-Site Adventure Excursions per person per stay (Middleham Falls hike, the visit of Titou Gorge and Hot Springs, Snorkeling at Champagne Beach (subject to change)
  • One 30-minute Spa Treatment per person per stay 
  • On-site activities such as herbal presentations, nature hikes, Caribbean cooking class
  • Two yoga classes per day with Petra, including props (mats, blocks, blankets & straps)
  • A special Sankalpa session, setting an intention and manifesting for the coming year
  • Government VAT (10-15%)

If you are looking for:

finding balance in life
getting more clarity for yourself
gentle exercise / yoga
tools to take home to renew yourself
connection with nature and a like-minded tribe
releasing the energies from the last year and starting fresh in 2024

…then please come join us. Give yourself the greatest gift of attention and self-love. You deserve it.
Make sure you book early your flights/boat as it is the holiday season.

When leaving Dominica by ferry, a 86 $EC tax need to be paid (mostly included in flight tickets, it’s about 32 $US)

Petra has a few spots open for a 1:1 coaching session, reiki treatment or past life regression. You can book that in advance.

To reserve your spot, click here to make a deposit.  Jungle Bay will contact you for complete payment around end of November 2023. Packages start at 2,685 $US. See pricing here 

Petra is an experienced health professional, intuitive healer, yoga and pilates instructor, author of “Yin is the new black” and she is supporting you on a new journey. This will be her 20th retreat with Jungle Bay. The nature of Dominica will also inspire you for more healing and relaxation to get rid of imbalances in life, to help you to de-stress and detox from a too busy life. You’ll also take home lots of ideas, practical tips, tools, and recipes to implement a healthy lifestyle for a new you.


6 day Yoga Retreat

Puglia Italy 20-25 March 2024

Be Playful & Soulful

Join Petra Rakebrandt Mind-Body-Soul in a 6 day yoga retreat in Puglia, Italy, March 20-25, 2024

Connect with your soul.
Let yoga, delicious food & relaxation be your path of healing and stress reduction.
Join me in Puglia, Italy to reset and recharge.



Everything is energy

Everything is energy

First and foremost, before you read on, I invite you to join me in taking a big cleansing breath, relaxing those shoulders, and know that you’ve come to the right place.

Great, thanks.

Now what do you think, is your Vagus Nerve out of whack?  

Often we become accustomed to various states of stress or disorder and that has a direct effect on our body and all body systems.

Most people’s nervous systems today are severely out of tune, without them even realising it.

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Regulating stress response with hugs

Regulating stress response with hugs

Regulating stress response with hhugs, do you think that could work for you?.
In the last two years we all have been through major life changes and were forced to adjust our life, especially our social life was influenced. Isolation, less contact, less communication, miscommunication, these were big factors that influenced our stress level. With higher stress there comes more anxiety and depressions.

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Life Transformation and Change

Life Transformation and Change

This cat, always on my side. She taught me unconditional love, sitting and savoring the moment, getting out of bed and laying flat on the terrace in the sun, taking naps and taking care of her. All my life I was too afraid of cats so that would have never come to my mind to live with one. But one day she showed up at my front door and she just moved in.

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Leadership meditation coaching

Leadership meditation coaching

Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to health and career choices? Would you like to have clarity about how to improve your leadership skills, feel grounded and in alignment with your position, reduce stress and anxiety and have a better body, mind & soul connection? Are you craving workdays that are filled with joy and happiness while you feel respected?

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A health quiz – do you have a healthy mind in a healthy body

A health quiz – do you have a healthy mind in a healthy body

 Health Quiz Do you have a healthy mind in a healthy body? Today I have a little quiz about multidimensional health for you. When I look back I realize that all my life I was interested in health and creating happiness, and you can imagine why? Because I was often...

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Nourish Yourself Meditation

Nourish Yourself Meditation

Nourish yourself – create resilience and peace I am not sure where you live, but obviously, we are all in this together. It seems as if nobody has a clue and everybody believes in knowing the truth.

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Take a breath

Take a breath

Take a breath How comfortable do you feel to connect through the breath When I teach yoga and add breathing exercises I am always surprised how many people have problems breathing deeply, well I could even say everybody has problems.

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