Explore my range of holistic programs help you to create achieve the healthy body, mindset and life you have always dreamed of.


Healing Programs

A mixture of healing and coaching to achieve the life, balance and happiness you desire

4-week online course, Multidimensional Health

Create Your Best Life Ever with Our Self-Guided 4-Week Meditation Course. Receive 4 meditations, journal prompts and worksheets. Go through it on your own time.

Personalised Yoga & Meditation

Work with me 1-1, remotely or in person, to develop your tailored yoga and meditation practice

Discover yourself Programs

In 3 sessions you figure out what you really want. A fantastic mixture of healing and coaching to recover YOU and what’s next, special now 666 Eur

Say Yes to Healthy

get the 4 week multidimensional health cours + a 5 day hormone detox plan + 3 coaching sessions of 45 min. With the coaching we discover your relationship, habits and patterns around food, check in to your hormone health so you get clarity and solutions to transform your health. special offer 729 Eur

Personalized Stressreduction & Meditation

Work with me 1-1, remotely or in person, to develop your tailored stress reduction and meditation practice, 6 sessions, 999 Eur

Life Coaching

For far too long you feel stuck and are now ready to dig deeper in all areas of your life. Work, love life, health, it’s all connected and you are fed up with this feeling of being in limbo, chronic pain, sadness, anxiety. Let’s transform now. Set up a call with me.

Petra Rakebrandt flow circle

Hormone Health

You are in the time of your life where everything is changing, sleepless nights are on the plan, the body weight moves up, the mood goes down, sex drive is lost, and you have tried anything but nothing seems to help. Let’s have a chat to get clarity on how I can support you. Menopause is a real thing.

Business Coaching

You are an entrepreneur/leader in a high demanding position and are looking for decision making skills, confidence and trust in yourself and others so that you feel empowered. Work with me 1-1, remotely or in person, to develop your tailored healing, stress reduction and meditation practice in order to tap into your innermost power and soul connection.


5 day Yoga Retreat

ITALY, 20-25 MARCH 2024

Daily yoga classes, meditation, and mindfulness, healthy food and playtime vitising the area, get more clarity in life so that you can relax, and increase vitality and energy.
Check link in RETREATS for more info.

Also check the next YINcredible SOULution online yoga retreat, Jan 28-March 13, 2024

Other Products & Free Resources

Overcoming Inner Child Pain, Patterns & Limiting Beliefs 

Heal to thrive webinar

9 keys to manifesting your best life, success, health and wealth

Get a free booklet and start your journey

Free Sample class IIN health coaching

Get a free class of IIN health studies, see if this could be your next carreer.

Yoga Mat

Add a custom flair to all your yoga sessions with my custom-printed rubber yoga mat.

Sex Drive

Get 6 tips to boost your sex drive. Find your pleasure again.

AOP Tote Bag

This practical, high-quality Tote Bag is available with my art

Stress 101

Get my free ebook and figure out how to reduce your stress

Petra Rakebrandt alignment circle

Menopause Guide

Get a free guide to learn how to go through menopause  with ease and grace

Yin Yoga session on 1st Chakra

Experience what it feels like, practicing 60 min yin yoga, stretch and relax. Connect with body, mind and soul.

“Petra is incredibly gifted and brings a calm, focused and insightful approach to her healing. I like that Petra was an engineer in her previous career because she brings a certain amount of practicality and precision to her work using multiple gifts in her toolbox: Theta, Reiki, Yoga and of course her amazing INTUITION. After each treatment I feel so much more energised, connected to myself and able to create changes in my life.”





Self-identification is the key to your freedom!

If you know that you are the one that is allowed to forgive, who is able to forgive, who is able to transform her history through a new idea, and you will say, „I can be free“ you will lift your consciousness above the wall that has created a separation between you and the thing you want to have in life.

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Thoughts and habits

Thoughts and habits

Can you create discipline? Getting up at 6 am for a daily two hour walk demands discipline. It’s easy to say “I don’t have time” , and I totally get that 6-8 am is kind of rush hour for families getting everyone ready for breakfast, school or work.
But sit with yourself and be honest what you would like to do, to accomplish, to integrate in your life.

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Thriving in menopause

Thriving in menopause

Women in leadership positions may face unique challenges, and the experience of menopause can add an additional layer of complexity. As a holistic health and life coach, I can see daily with my female clients what changes women are facing and how challenging it can be to “stay cool” when a hot flush is coming through.

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