Nourish Yourself

 How to Nourish yourself –  create resilience and peace

I am not sure where you live, but obviously, we are all in this together.

It seems as if nobody has a clue and everybody believes in knowing the truth. So I for myself understood that I have to nourish myself these days more than ever and find my inner peace.

I do everything to nourish myself with positivity. This includes everything from the foods I eat, the rituals I take part in, and the people I surround myself with. 

With IIN, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where I studied nutrition and health coaching, we learned about bio-individuality and primary food. Primary food is everything that nourishes us but it’s not food, like relationships, spirituality, exercise, hobbies, education, you get it.

This nourishment is key in learning how to heal yourself and recharge in response to setbacks and disappointments instead of going over to secondary food, the comfort food.

Nourishing yourself with primary food can help to cultivate a resilient attitude and a sense of inner peace. You create a deeper sense with yourself which then helps in the interaction with others.

One of my rituals is an evening walk to connect with nature, getting fresh air, and cardiovascular workout.

My rituals are very important for me in the last months, it helped me to release tension and find peace with the whole world situation. Less social contacts, less meeting friends, less dating, less seeing clients in person, etc can be a heavyweight on our shoulders, and our mood, creating the feeling of loneliness, separation, and even worse, triggering wounds. On one hand, it is worse tapping into old wounds, on the other hand, we have the chance to heal them, change patterns and behavior that does not serve us, but we also need to be ready for this deep work and need to have the right tools. My number one tool, you guessed it probably, is meditation, with journaling and yoga. The stronger meditation practice that I have developed for myself since march and especially since my 300 hr meditation coach training in 2019 with Sura Flow Center has helped me a lot to create resilience and peace and so it helps me accepting what is.

 Meditation can help you also to connect with your breath, which is incredibly important during times of stress and may also help you feel calmer and clearer.

When interacting with people around you, this calmness and clarity translate into understanding and kindness, which then spreads a ripple effect of kindness in others. Kindness and compassion is a major game-changer too.


That’s why I am offering you here a new meditation that I have recorded. Feel free to use it daily to create a deeper meditation practice for yourself. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have a special topic you would like to have a meditation for.

And remember you can eat brown rice and kale every day and go to the gym every night, but if you’re stuck in an unfulfilling job or a toxic relationship, then you’re just not going to feel truly healthy and happy on a deeper level. (been there, done that!)
Just on a side note, meditation has also helped me to tap into my creativity and I finally paint regulalry and expose my art pieces. Feel free to have a look at my website of art, creativity and meditation


Connect with yourself, your deepest wishes and desires, and create the life that you wish for yourself.

Sending you a big virtual hug and my free meditation.

If you are also interested in becoming a health coach and gain more knowledge for yourself or even for your clients about healthy lifestyle, wellness, food , feel free to download a sample lecture here. Institute of Integrative Nutrition focus on a wide variety of holistic health elements beyond food, and value the role that self-care plays in creating health and happiness. This is why it’s so important to find holistic ways to manage stress – like meditation! Especially in these days were it is more important than ever to stay focused and calm.

WHat’s your tool to alleviate stress? Or are you interested in a few coaching sessions of breath and meditation with me to overcome an actual issue with stress, anxiety, burnout etc? Feel free to contact me.

I invite you to come ad join me in my facebook group HEAL to THRIVE where I post more infos, tools, and techniques about meditation, breathing, healthy lifestyle, creating your business, mindset etc. I’d love to have you there if you are interested in healing to live a soul-driven life, from fear to freedom, from pain to power.  

Feel free to contact me for more info or book a 20 min free breakthrough call

Photo by Raj Rana on Unsplash

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