It’s not about blame, it’s about empowerment

 How you can change to live the life you want

What do you think you need to transform in order to improve your business or health or connection to your Self?

What if it is YOU, you have to work on, first? What if you are in your own way?

Are you one of the people, who are taking care of the family first (most women do so), or you take care of the client request but you feel totally lost and deep down you know, you would love to start with a little sketch or painting, or something as simple as a quiet moment with a coffee, or any other thing your soul is calling for? And the longer you wait to do it, the more you feel stuck in your body and life, you feel a little bit more lost and sluggish every day.

You might need to take your power back, and need to understand that only you can change this.

No one in your family will ask you: “Honey, sit down and do your meditation, yoga, take your creative time, I will take care of the rest.” Nope,  YOU need to find the time and claim it.

But, you feel guilty? You feel not loved if you do not take care of the rest first? You feel afraid that the rest of your family and friends will blame you? You are afraid they will miss out on something and get angry at you? 
Do you see what’s going on? YOU need to work on your inner game, your emotions that are not healed, the fear, the anger and the guilt you are carrying maybe for or from your mother, father or maybe even a teacher or school friend from a long time ago. That’s how we function, we take on beliefs from situations that mostly happened before our age of eight. That’s where we get programmed and we create different patterns and emotion.  Under the age of seven or eight, our predominant brain waves are theta waves, between 4-7 HZ. Theta waves happen in that brief window when we’re drifting off to sleep.

Theta waves are the same frequency that is activated during hypnosis. Here we soak it all up. As little kids, we are so impressionable, without filters, without questioning or judgment. We’re just like little sponges.

Let me show you here four of the biggest fears we create in that age (according to what happens to us, to the situations we live through):

FEAR OF FAILURE | I’m a Failure

Take some time and review your beliefs, money experiences. Which ones seem to fit as a fear of failure?

E.g. There’s too much competition out there, I don’t have the time, money, energy, 
I am too old/young, 
The economy is bad, 
I tried so hard but it didn’t work out

FEAR OF SUCCESS | It’s not safe to be successful

Which beliefs seem to fit as a fear of success?

E.g. Rich people are dishonest, greedy, shallow, etc., 
Money destroys important relationships, 
I need to work hard to earn money, 
The more money I have the more problems I will have

FEAR OF NOT BEING GOOD ENOUGH | I’m not good enough

Which ones seem to fit as a fear of not being good enough for you?

E.g. I’m not enough of an expert, 
I need the right credentials or education. 
People will discover I’m a fraud, that I don’t have what it takes, 
Only if I were smart or capable I’d be making enough money now

FEAR OF SCARCITY | There is never enough

Which beliefs seem to fit as fear of scarcity?

E.g. There’s never enough money to go around, 
If I have more that means others will have less, 
I can’t afford that,
There are limits to how much money you can make

And guess what, if we carry these beliefs, for the rest of our life we are guided then by these fears unless we become aware and conscious and take the responsibility to heal them.

As I said, the limiting beliefs come from the repetition of the messages you hear as a kid and through that repetition they become embedded into your subconscious mind as beliefs about the world and yourself.

BUT: You can absolutely, 100% create a completely different reality from the one you are living now.

You can empower yourself doing so.

I have a little webinar you can listen to here and if you are intrigued through the little visualization I am offering you in there, feel free to contact me for a little chat and see what you would like to become aware of and change. You can heal and thrive, you can live your soul purpose after you get rid of what is holding you back.

Photo by Bram. on Unsplash

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