Family Constellation




Family Constellation


Family constellation, also known as Systemic Constellation Work or Family Systems Therapy, is a therapeutic approach that explores the dynamics, relationships, and hidden patterns within a family system. It’s based on the idea that family members are interconnected and that past events, unresolved issues, or traumatic experiences within the family can have a profound impact on an individual’s current life.

The primary concept of family constellation work is to uncover hidden dynamics or entanglements within a family system that may be causing emotional or psychological distress for an individual. This approach is often used in therapeutic settings and workshops and involves a group or individual session facilitated by a trained professional.

Key Principles:

  1. Family as a System: Families are viewed as systems with their own set of rules, roles, and dynamics. Each member’s behavior and emotions can be influenced by the larger family system.

  2. Unconscious Loyalties and Entanglements: Family constellation work aims to uncover unconscious loyalties or entanglements that individuals might have with other family members, even those who are deceased or not directly involved in the individual’s life.

  3. Revealing Family Dynamics: Through group or individual exercises, participants often represent family members or elements in the family system. This helps reveal underlying patterns, conflicts, or unresolved issues within the family.

  4. Seeking Resolution and Healing: Once these dynamics are brought to light, the process involves acknowledging and understanding these patterns to facilitate healing, resolution, and a shift toward healthier relationships and behaviors.

The process is intense and mind-blowing

During a family constellation session, participants may be asked to represent family members or significant elements of the family system. The facilitator guides these representatives to place themselves spatially in relation to each other, allowing the dynamics and hidden connections within the family system to become visible.

Through this process, emotions, insights, and connections may surface, leading to a deeper understanding of the family’s dynamics and potential solutions or healing for the individual seeking help.

It’s essential to note that family constellation work is considered an alternative or complementary therapy approach and might not be universally accepted in the field of psychology or counseling. Its effectiveness and acceptance can vary depending on individual beliefs, cultural backgrounds, and therapeutic preferences.

    Its effectiveness and acceptance can vary depending on individual beliefs, cultural backgrounds, and therapeutic preferences.

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